5 Easy Poses for DIY Boudoir

Sep 10, 2022 | Boudoir, Tips + Tricks | 0 comments

So, you want to take some *spicy* photos, but not sure how to go about it? Feel like your poses are a tad too awkward? Forget all your worries – I got you.

This being said, you will need your phone and a ledge to prop it up with. Instead of putting the camera mode on an interval timer, you are going to set it up on video! This will allow you to move into multiple poses and be able to see and adjust yourself accordingly.

#1 Ballerina Arch

diy boudoir poses

This one is a great starting point because it’s going to show off all your curves and allow you to relax your body. Move your wrists and fingers around until you can hold them up in a relaxed position. Cross your feet over the ankles – point your toes – and arch your back!

#2 Curvy + Relaxed

diy boudoir poses

This one is all about the curves of your body – think you are a siren calling out to sailors of the sea. You are going to sit mostly on one hip and let the opposite arm to sensually caress your thigh – almost like an invitation! Keep your feet crossed over the ankles and make sure your toes are pointed – this will lengthen you! Break up the curve with you opposite arm, slightly bent, on the armrest. You will look like you are ready to pounce.

#3 Cheeky Smile Ahead

diy boudoir poses

This is a cute and simple one. With your side profile facing the camera, pop your booty out, arch your back, and smile into the distance. Put your hand closest to the camera on the top of your thigh.

#4 Booty Pop

diy boudoir poses

This is similar to #3 but instead of looking forward and curving your hand around your thigh, you’re going to put both hands on the back of the chair and look over your shoulder with a slight smile. Really pop your butt out because this is the focus!

#5 Advanced Avant Garde

diy boudoir poses

This one is one of my more fine art poses, but it definitely shows the human form in all of its glory. You’re going to sit your butt sideways in the chair and toss your legs over the arm of it. You’re going to keep your toes pointed – one up and one down! Your arm closest to the back of the chair holds the top of it and the other hand holds the base of the chair gently. Point your chin up and keep your gaze also up – this will give you a renaissance painting type of look!

Remember, try what feels comfortable and do a bunch of variations! You will look through the film and screenshot each and everyone you love – add a cute filter and you’re good to go!



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