5 Alternative Ways to do a Guestbook that your Guests will Love From Etsy!!

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Having the memory of who attended your wedding day is something so important to have! For as long as weddings have been around guests have been signing the “guestbook” where they write a quick little message and sign their names. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that tradition, there are also amazing alternatives that you should definitely look into. Here are a few of our favorites :

An affordable option to the phone service!

Audio Guestbook :
One of the coolest things we’ve ever seen at a wedding was an audio guestbook! It’s a cute little vintage phone that the company leaves at it’s own station for all of your family and friends to leave a voice recording for you to listen to for years to come. This can be so sweet to be able to listen back to those who will one day no longer be with us and the best way to feel the person’s love behind their message. Not to mention, the more your guests drink the funnier these may become!

a lot of them come tree form – but how cute is this?

Fingerprint Guestbook :

This is an ADORABLE alternative guestbook idea. Each guest dips their thumb in ink, leaves a little print and writes their name on the “family tree”. This would make the cutest framed portrait to hang in your living room to keep the memory of your wedding day fresh in your mind all of the time. This is definitely an option that will get a lot of attention!

Perfect to display in the living room or office!

Guestbook Globe
This is the absolute perfect idea for adventurous couples. Guests can sign anywhere on the globe, even the countries that they (or their ancestors) come from – and that makes it SO fun! Not only is it an amazing guest book idea but it makes for beautiful home decor. It really upgrades the whole guest book experience and can be passed on from generation to generation. And who doesn’t love a pretty globe?!

Perfect to put in your living room!

Rustic Wooden Guest Book Sign
This gorgeous idea is perfect for rustic wedding couples. Etsy is FILLED with hundreds of amazing vendors that can make you a fully custom wood sign, with your names and wedding date for all of your guests to sign. Add some gold and silver sharpies and you have a literal art piece to keep in your home! This is one of the best ideas for couples looking to fit their aesthetic. Don’t forget to base the size of the guest book off of how many guests will be attending.

like so cute!!!

Heart Drop Guest Box
Last but certainly not least, here is a gorgeous and very popular option for a guest book. Each guest signs an individual heart and drops it into this keepsake for you to hang up on the wall. Being able to see everyone’s name protected in a beautiful frame is an excellent alternative for a regular paper guestbook!

There are so many fun and creative ways to remember everyone who attended your wedding. Finding the perfect one to display in your home is everything! Definitely be sure to check out all of the amazing vendors on etsy to make your guest book dreams come true.

From big to small ideas – your perfect guest book idea is out there for you! We hope this list inspired you!


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