HOWDY! My name is Christina Hernandez

I'm in love with love itself and I dream of traveling the world to capture it all. I am willing to go anywhere, anytime if that means delivering stunning photos for you to share.

I am all about empowerment, so let's have you feeling confident!

love always,
Christina Hernandez
Your love deserves everything
I adore those butterflies you get when you look at your person. The realness that makes up your unique and unbelievable love story. The raw, authentic, and candid. I don't believe in any stiff, awkward poses here – I’m talking: rolling around in the grass while you smooch and make out while falling even deeper in love types of photoshoots. I think we should be organic and true to self - take six shots of tequila - get wild. You in?

During this experience, I'm going too learn your stories that lead to your very own love story, we are going to get candid and moving. This isn't Pinterest - we are going to show the truest versions of yourself. Let's go on an adventure, life is short enough as it is.
I am more than just some vendor you'll hire. I am organized, creative, and off-the-beat. I am your biggest fan and support system - because I believe in true love and I believe in the two of you.

This is so much more to me than just a business exchange. This experience is about making you feel truly cared for through every step of the process.

Thank you for being here and trusting me with your memories. If you’re already feeling like “omg it’s gotta be her,” then you’re then PERFECT person for me!
Looking For Me?
I'm probably deep dived in a vegan quesadilla with extra vegan sour. Most days I'm exploring new locations with my couples and jamming out to The Wonder Years. I am super adventurous but also an extreme homebody that needs her daily nap. Im passionate about my business, traveling, family and friends, and social justice. I welcome all new change into my life and take one day at a time.

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