Nice to meet you!

I’m Christina Hernandez –
but my friends call me Chrissyy

(and I’d like to think we’re friends, right?)

I’m a wedding and boudoir photographer on a mission to empower

wildly in love couples

bad-ass women

everyone in between

to show up authentically to our shoot so I can capture photos you can feel.

This looks like…

Cheering you on

Making you laugh

Holding your hand

Through this wild ride.

(I’ve been to like 217 weddings at this point, so I know all the tips and tricks to make the most of your special day)

Good vibes only

I believe Black Lives Matter, Love is Love, and every woman should have the right to choose. I don’t f*ck with bigots (and I won’t photograph them either).

A style for every season

I keep every shoot fun and funky with candid shots and documentary-style images of your entire special day. From secret glances to silly faces, I capture your connection – there’s no shortage of personality pics around here. The editing is where the magic happens.

For the film-inspired folks


A film-inspired, moody feeling photography style that feels like flipping through old polaroids from back in the day. Expect slight desaturation + grain with some softness and a warmer tone.

Heirloom Wedding

Heirloom Boudoir

For the bold & fearless


A luxe photography style that is true-to-color with a bold impact that feels like dancing under the stars, singing in the rain, and laughing to fill the silence. Expect rich color and a velvety feel.

Timeless Wedding

Timeless Boudoir

Get to Know Me!

Go-to coffee order:

Vanilla-lavender shaken espresso from my favorite local coffee shop – Unity Java

You can usually find me:

Adventuring with my husband + pups

Born & raised in:

Asbury Park, NJ

I’m probably watching…

Literally anything Gordon Ramsey + Yu Yu Hakisho

Happily married since:

December 1, 2021

Take me back to…

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Grab me an ice-cold:

Zero-proof strawberry daiquiri

I’ll never say no to:

Vegan cannolis or funfetti cake

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