Angela + Joe’s Dreamy Garden Elopement at Frelinghuysen Arboretum, NJ

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bride and groom frelinghuysen arboretum morris county new jersey

The greatest thing about eloping is making it as intimate and magical as you want. Often, it is thought that elopements are just two people running away to Las Vegas or into the mountains (I literally went to the mountains). Elopements are anything you want them to be – typically for groups up to twenty-five. Angela + Joe decided to elope at Frelinghuysen Arboretum, NJ surrounded by an intimate group of friends and family.

Their love story

In 2020, Angela’s friends peer pressured her into joining Bumble. She always thought it was better to meet people in the “wild” but, COVID showed up and got ugly. Turns out, it was the best decision she ever made! Her and Joe met on bumble and after chatting for a bit, they quickly planner. their first date at Jose Tejas.

On their second date, Joe and her experienced their first kiss after he walked Angela to her car. The best part? He went in for another one when she was already in the car.

Joe knew he loved Angela “before she knew she loved me” which is due to Angela being more hesitant with the “L” word. She started falling in love with certain qualities he possesses, such as how kind and patient Joe is. She believes Joe makes her feel at peace no matter what is going on and that he is the best person she knows! According to Angela, he is also an excellent barista. Friday nights, Joe makes spicy pineapple margaritas by infusing tequila with jalapeños from her garden! Joe loves and admires how caring, genuine and strong she is.

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Current Days

Every day they look forward to that after work hug meeting in their kitchen. It is a relief that they are able to embrace after missing each other throughout the day. They enjoy going on date nights to the local arcades! Angela and Joe thrive in being competitive and especially, some good hearted trash talking! Their favorite memory is getting married, but their second favorite is spending their honeymoon in Cape May, New Jersey! They completed all their major milestones during the same week!

Their dreams are to start a family and definitely get out of New Jersey’s frost by moving somewhere warmer. Angela and Joe keep their individuality by progressing in their careers and having their own success.

Wedding Day


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The Couple

Ceremony Details

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The ceremony, intimate but full of love. Angela’s mother walked her down the aisle as Joe smiled ear to ear. Her father leads the ceremony and discusses the love and values Angela + Joe share.

Two families became one during these moments as both Angela + Joe’s mothers lit a candle unifying the families. Then they were pronounced husband and wife, everyone cheered!

Photographing Angela + Joe’s elopement was an absolute pleasure; as a couple madly in love, I wanted to give them the most gorgeous portraits that I could. I am beyond thrilled that these two stumbled upon each other and get to spend the rest of their lives as one.

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bride and groom wedding portrait

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