Heavy Metal Pairs With Heavy Lifting | Stephanie + Kevin

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The Beginning

Stephanie and Kevin met when it seemed timing was just right. Stephanie and Kevin met when they both were attending Ramapo College in 2014. They had one class together and were both crushin’ on each other HEAVY, but did not talk to each other until the following semester. The following semester, Stephanie was hanging out with a mutual friend and Kevin saw the snapchat of her. Immediately, he messaged the mutual friend and said, “that’s the cute girl from my marketing class!” Her friend showed her the text, Steph got so excited, looked up his Facebook to confirm he was the cute guy in her class! Stephanie made the first move, messaging Kevin first.

Stephanie says that it felt like she knew him forever and conversation came easy since he was and still is the sweetest person ever! Their first date was a group date to Dave + Buster’s. Before the group outing, they grabbed sushi and wished it could have stayed just the two of them! After having so much fun that night, they decided to go on another date with just the two of them.

“I’ll never forget it”; Kevin brought her to a nice Italian restaurant and treated them to a bottle of wine. Afterwards, they ventured to a park where they belted Katy Perry songs! Throughout this time, both Stephanie and Kevin were messaging their mutual friend about how bad they wanted to kiss the other, but were so nervous! They walked through the park and cuddled on a bench, “I instantly felt safe in his arms”. Stephanie looked up at Kevin and he pulled her in for. akiss – she remembers it as if she were in a movie!

They ended the date by going to his dorm where he played guitar and they both sang, “You’re My Favorite Song” by Demi Lovato + Joe Jonas. In that moment, Stephanie knew how special Kevin was and fell almost instantly.

When they were both in Aruba, vacationing with his family in 2019, Kevin decided he wanted to ask Stephanie to marry him. It did however, take a few more months, until they were on their trip to Montauk, NY. This became her favorite memory of their relationship. He pretended they were going for his birthday when in actuality, he planned the whole trip to propose to Stephanie.

Wedding Day

Getting Ready

I started the wedding day at Kevin’s where all the guys were getting ready. Everyone was already dressed and ready to rock ‘n’ roll. There were also two beautiful fuzzy golden babies that I had the pleasure of giving head pats to. I asked Kevin how he was doing and he said he was “definitely excited”. Cheers to that, I had his groomsmen lift and toss him to pre-game celebrate!

Kevin’s nerves were not visible at all, he was 100% confident in his decision to marrying Stephanie. He views her as a ray of sunshine in his life; he also says that she puts others before herself, selflessly, and will do anything for him, her family, and their friends.

Then we did a few walking ones and I walked to my car to head to Stephanie and the girls.

Stephanie greeted me with a big hug and looked absolutely beautiful. All the girls did! I played with her details (I also send a million emails about what details to pack for pretty flatlays) and we started to get ready.

The hardest part about most getting ready moments is trying to fasten the clasps for jewelry. Although I do love getting close ups of it. Stephanie’s Maid of Honor was a pro and got the bracelet fastened comfortably almost immediately.

As always, her mother helped her into her dress so that she looked like a perfect bride. Reminding her back to when she used to dress her as a little girl – it’s a beautiful, bittersweet moment.

As Stephanie was dressed and ready to go, we took a few moments and reflected on her love story with Kevin. Her favorite thing about Kevin is his heart of gold. She loves that he is incredibly loyal and will do anything for the people he loves.


Their ceremony location was Allaire State Park’s Chapel. It is literally one of my favorite church/chapel-ceremony type locations because it let’s in the most amazing amount of natural light. I still use a flash diffuser, but it does not end up looking harsh, but rather intimate and romantic.

Kevin’s best man did his finishing touches so he could look his best for Stephanie.

When Stephanie’s dad escorted her down the aisle, reality definitely hit Kevin and the photos speak it all. She looked so beautiful and he must of felt like the luckiest man in the world.

Their ceremony was emotional and dear to the heart, as Kevin spoke his vows to Stephanie, she could not hold in her tears. It is a wonderful thing to witness two people who are so perfect for each other, confess their love for another.

They both fell in love that moment they were signing to Demi Lovato + Joe Jonas that night in his dorm. It happened so suddenly, as if the universe placed them together for a reason. Now, they look forward to holding and kissing each other every day.

exachanging rings detail black and white wedding

I am absolutely in love with close ups for the ring exchange, especially in black + white. You can feel the emotion behind this tender moment. Witnessing it, they smiles and looked at each other as they both placed the ring on the other’s hand.

Then, it was official! They became Mr. and Mrs. Beachem.

allaire state park chapel wedding bride and groom nj first kiss
allaire state park chapel wedding bride and groom nj

After the ceremony, they rang the bell (this is tradition with Allaire State Park Chapel weddings – they ring it after the couple is pronounced every time since the 1800’s). As Stephanie + Kevin greeted their guests, she kept saying, “I’m Mrs. Beachem! I’m Mrs. Beachem!” and in that moment, I knew how deep their love is.

Everyone blew bubbles, congratulated the couple, and we jumped into portraits!



Stephanie + Kevin had the raddest bridal party – willing to get weird and funky for portraits!

I love to have everyone do their favorite dance move, cheer while bride+groom kiss, and a group walking shot. I’m big into candids, but of course we take those classic, “hang on your wall” group photos as well.

For every wedding I have couples write out lists of family groupings for family photos and we go right through the list – so no one is missed! Whomever isn’t there during this time, will be gathered at the reception to MAKE SURE that their group is photographed.

groomsmen bridal party allaire state park wedding portraits

Bride + Groom

After a wedding at Allaire State Park Chapel, you have the chapel for forty-five minutes before they close it. We jumped to the opportunity of getting some classic, bride-and-groom portraits within it.

Allaire State Park has so many options for portraits. If allotted the time, you can get an incredibly diverse locations/backgrounds. However, we were on a schedule so we did portraits outside the Chapel. Blessed be it, because Golden Hour showed a little early this day to give us some of those warm, glowy, romantic photos I am known for.

allaire state park wedding bride and groom portraits new jersey wedding veil toss

Stephanie + Kevin were an absolute pleasure to photograph, not only are they a GORGEOUS couple but they were open to any of my ideas. I also know this last photo of her is not a couple’s portrait, but it is literally so beautiful I had to include it to bless anyone reading this. They are such wonderful, sweet, understanding people and anyone in their life would be blessed to know them, both individually and as a couple.



wedding decor the renaissance ocean nj wedding venue

Entrances + First Dance

Their bridal party made an arch and Mr. and Mrs. Beachem ran right through ready to get to grooving. Their first dance was to David Gray’s “This Year’s Love”.

Parent Dances

Stephanie and her father danced to “This Dance” by Scott Thomas.
Kevin and his mom danced to “I Was Born To Love You” by Ray LaMontagne.


Both speeches were absolutely heart filled. This wedding was filled with so much love and support of both Stephanie + Kevin, it was undeniable. There was also a surprise slideshow of both of them growing up and eventually becoming a couple. We watched Stephanie’s eyebrow transformations and Kevin’s haircuts through the decades.

Boogie Woogie + A Rap God

They had a lively crowd. People were ready to dance and celebrate the newly weds! Then, one of Kevin’s groomsmen grabbed the mic and performed a whole song for the couple – laughing erupted and everyone was in great cheers. We were able to do extended family photos as well, so the they can remember everyone who came, supported, and loves them.

Cake Cutting

The cake was BEAUTIFUL and made by Lisa Porada from the Chocolate Carousel.

The two of them played nice, fed each other a bite, and sealed the night with a kiss.

Future Plans

Stephanie + Kevin are now planning to travel as many places in the world as they are still young. Within the next few years, they want to start their family as they are both super excited to become parents! Kevin plans to visit his friends in China while Stephanie wants to pursue her dream career in the fitness industry, helping women become the best versions of themselves. If you look at Stephanie’s Instagram, you can see she is already on the way there! Together, the want to live a long and happy life together with their family. I believe strongly that these two are not only going to be amazing parents, but are going to bring a spark of joy and happiness into the world.


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