The Beginning Fate works in mysterious ways. It just so happened that Jade went over to her neighbor's house when Nick was visiting. Turns out, Jade's neighbor is Nick's cousin. At the time, Jade was living with her parents while Nick had his own home where he enjoyed Lord of the Rings in solitude - […]
farmstead gold and country club bride and groom kiss
The Beginnings Emily first met Greg when they were in high school. It's 2008 and they were introduced from a mutual friend. When Greg graduated, he signed Emily's yearbook and left his number in it. Over the summer, they dated a few months but ended up breaking up for a few years due to kids […]
The Beginning Stephanie and Kevin met when it seemed timing was just right. Stephanie and Kevin met when they both were attending Ramapo College in 2014. They had one class together and were both crushin' on each other HEAVY, but did not talk to each other until the following semester. The following semester, Stephanie was […]
The Beginning Danja and Serena met when Serena first swiped right on her! From the moment they matched, they talked NON STOP and eventually met a week after. Their first date consisted of wine flights from the local winery and cheese platters, surrounded by live music and a fireplace. At some point, they had their […]
As a seasoned wedding photographer, I have seen all types of mishaps, forgotten items, and stress inducing moments. There was a certain point where I decided I want to release that stress from my couple’s wedding day as much as I can. The Oh Sh*t Kit was born! What is the Oh Sh*t Kit The […]
Sara + Mikey got married on September 17, 2022 in the comfort of Sara’s mother’s home. They created an elegant, floral, romantic backyard wedding that they will never forget. Sara + Mikey Their love story Sara and Mikey are big gamers! In the gaming community, a lot of people use the app Palringo to talk […]
The greatest thing about eloping is making it as intimate and magical as you want. Often, it is thought that elopements are just two people running away to Las Vegas or into the mountains (I literally went to the mountains). Elopements are anything you want them to be - typically for groups up to twenty-five. […]
Here is my top forty things to make sure you pack in your overnight bag - the day before the wedding! xoxox
Emma + Nick This engagement session takes places at Cattus Island State Park in Tom's River, New Jersey. Then continues at Winding River Ice Rink in the same town. Their love story In 2014, Emma first saw Nick when he was playing ice hockey for the school team and she knew she wanted him to […]
Having the memory of who attended your wedding day is something so important to have! For as long as weddings have been around guests have been signing the “guestbook” where they write a quick little message and sign their names. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that tradition, there are also amazing alternatives that you […]
When I was growing up, me and my yiayia's favorite movie was My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Not only was it super relatable with our Greek culture, but it was also tastefully done, a little sappy, and hilarious. I mean, who doesn't have an aunt with the lump of their conjoined twin on their neck? […]
The Storybook love story beginning at Allaire Village Chapel then heading to the Patterson Family Barn. Kenny + Spencer met while playing Playstation. They instantly connected and began dating long distance for eight months before she booked a flight all the way to Iowa! They look back fondly of their first date, dinner at Applebee's […]
The day started at Tristan's family home where the soon-to-be-newlyweds got ready. Tristan's now-iconic green suit was the highlight of the outfit, although - later on- he brought out a very cool hat to change the dynamic of the look. We started photographing the details and those closest to Tristan, helped make sure he looked […]
“Should we do a first look?” The absolute #1 question asked by every single wedded couple ever! Do we have a first look? A private moment between the two of us? Or do we keep it traditional and wait to see each other down the aisle for the first time? I am a firm believer […]
Rustic Wedding First look Running Deer Golf Club NJ
I love First Looks. One of my favorite parts of the wedding day is when I get to watch the bride and groom see each other for the first time. They usually cry. I cry. First looks make this moment so emotional and so private. Today, I wanted to send an email over with some […]
These are 5 easy poses to be able to take your own boudoir photos!
It is so important to create a wedding day timeline so that there is no extra stress on your big day!
Scouting out locations are all apart of the job - and stumbling upon Willowwood Arboretum is a dream come true. Willowwood, 130 acres of rolling farm land, has about 2,100 kinds of native and exotic plants, many of them rare. In addition to the formal gardens near the residence and undisturbed forest, they are open […]
This is absolutely the most exciting time ever right now and we are SO glad that you stopped here for some tips! We’ve photographed hundreds of couples from their engagement session, to their wedding, all the way to future events so we hope that you stick around too! Here are our MOST important tips for your engagement session, from a professional standpoint
I am going to start writing more blog posts that are more than just sessions, weddings, and posing advice. I want to be able to offer resources to everyone and encourage education on social issues and give glimpses into my life. So that being said, here we go: I married the love of my life […]
Bridgerton's Netflix series has undoubtedly proven to be the most popular ever, with over 82 million households looking into the era's drama since it was broadcast on our screen. It's little wonder that she is so adored based on Julia Quinn's novels, written in the quintessence of the regency in London and with her magnificent […]
One. New Inquiries Every time my email alerts me that there is an new inquiry in there, my heart flutters and I do a happy dance. Every single inquiry I get excited about - no matter how big. I am the sole person in my small business, so you only deal directly with me. Upon […]
I was so honored and excited Rebecca chose me to photograph her Bridal Shower at the Madison Hotel’s Conservatory. Rebecca and her team of lovely ladies are incredibly talented group when it comes to planning the most beautiful bridal shower with an extreme attention of detail every turn! First of all, the conservatory itself was […]
So, you and your partner have decided to take a plunge into the sometimes-obscure world of elopement. It takes a daring, forward-thinking duo to mark the beginning of the rest of their lives together in such a non-traditional way. That being said, it’s only fitting that the experience should be something that is one-of-a-kind and […]
Rezzi and Sean are rather opposite, when we are talking about personality - she, an outspoken, spicy Brazilian woman and him, a quiet reserved computer guy. Yet, they are the perfect equation - complete chemistry! They met while both were in their early twenties and working at Chick-Fil-A! Rezzi swears he did not like her […]
This love story started almost thirteen years ago, through my most favorite social media platform in my life, Myspace. As soon as Natal saw Mangie she started crushing and reached out immediately. From talking for a few months, they moved into having movie dates every weekend. While Natal was super shy, Mangie was super outgoing […]
I am going to start writing more blog posts that are more than just sessions, weddings, and posing advice. I want to be able to offer resources to everyone and encourage education on social issues and give glimpses into my life. So that being said, here we go: I married the love of my life […]
SO let’s talk about today, Juneteenth. On January 1, 1863 the emancipation proclamation freed slaves that were then in rebellion against the United States - but it did not free ALL slaves, this was not the case for those on the border states. In the summer of 1865, the Civil War ended and Union General […]
Being an Ally, or even being Queer yourself (like myself), you will have to overcome certain inherited, indoctrinated ideas of what it is to photograph a couple that is same-sex. My brand is strictly about empowering your clients, and this also includes being able to empower yourself as a photographer. One of the most common […]
It being pride month this June, I want you to take some time to reflect on the values of your business, ask yourself if you and your business are truly inclusive towards LGBTQIA+ individuals and relationships, and to challenge yourself to do better. what is truly important, is to keep these values throughout the year, […]
So what is the BIPOC community? It stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. You've read my blog post about Loving Day, Racism, and being Anti-Racist. The big highlight of that post was to take action to better social and political infrastructures for marginalized groups in your community, and eventually, the world. Since the […]
Finding the perfect dress for your bridal shower can be no easy task! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite bridal shower dresses that you can find on Etsy for under $500. These dresses are in no particular order, just a collection of dresses we love that we thought you would love too! let’s dive […]
What's better than seeing your best friend thrive in a healthy relationship for the first time in her life? Being able to photography your best friend and her partner, in this such relationship. To be honest, I'm on my third glass of wine and I am very much in my feelings. Maryanne has been such […]
What happens when two Adams fall in love? They run away to The Pink Moon in Brooklyn, NY, to have a lavish elopement. The Pink Moon (insta@/thepinkmoonbk) is a gorgeous venue in the heart of Brooklyn (located at 478 3RD AVENUE) - its brick wall, the greenery, the murals bring a uniqueness to this intimate […]
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