Christina Hernandez Artistry: An Intimate, Romantic + Candid Photographer

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Get to know me 🙂

Before we get started, I want to re-introduce myself. I’m Christina Hernandez! I am a Philadelphia based wedding and elopement photographer who loves to travel. I’m a devoted wife, mom to four fur babies, queer, business and nonprofit owner, adventure seeking, artist, survivor. My parents met in a junkyard in San Francisco in the 80’s. My dad is a vietnam vet and my mom worked in her family diner with her six siblings. They divorced when I was young and eventually remarried. I grew up in survival mode after battling trauma and, thanks to lots of help from mental health professionals, I grew into the person I am today!

My husband and I eloped in The Valley of Fire on December 1st 2021 on our 4 year anniversary. It was an absolute dream. We bought our home in Philadelphia + are building a life we love. Now that we’ve gone over all that, let’s talk about the brand! I offer two style options for all my photography options:

Timeless by Christina Hernandez Artistry
Heirloom by Christina Hernandez Artistry

Heirloom Wedding Photography

Heirloom is my signature style, it gives a moody film inspired vibe. It gives you all the nostalgic feelings you get when you look through your grandparents’ polaroids. Watching their love unfold year after year. It feels like a vintage cable knit sweater and a warm cup of tea.

Timeless Wedding Photography

Timeless is different, it boasts bold, velvety editing that is both true to color but luxurious.  It’s a love story that transcends through every lifetime. It feels like having wine with your lover, filling the silence in your lives with laughter and, slow dancing under the stars in the city you love. 

While there have been some changes in the brand, I will always be doing body positive boudoir shoots and intimate photography! I wanted to thank all of those who have worked with me for giving me the opportunity and grace to grow this business in a way that is true to me. If you haven’t worked with me yet – I want you to know I am more than just some vendor you’ll hire. I am organized, creative, and off-the-beat. I am your biggest fan and support system – because I believe in true love + I believe in the two of you. This is so much more to me than just a business exchange. This experience is about making you feel truly cared for through every step of the process. Thank you for being here and trusting me with your memories. If you’re already feeling like “omg it’s gotta be her,” then you’re the PERFECT person for me!

Christina Hernandez


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