Pinterest Worthy Boho Wedding at Emmerich Tree Farm | Jennifer + Tristan

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The day started at Tristan’s family home where the soon-to-be-newlyweds got ready.

Tristan’s now-iconic green suit was the highlight of the outfit, although – later on- he brought out a very cool hat to change the dynamic of the look. We started photographing the details and those closest to Tristan, helped make sure he looked perfect for his future wife.

And boy, does he clean up nice (as you can see below!):

While Tristan hung out in the basement, Jennifer was getting ready upstairs with Renee of Retzy Glam (@retzyglam). I am absolutely obsessed that she decided to keep her hair natural and curly for their wedding day; I am also someone who has an everlasting desire to perm their hair so it is big and curly, but unfortunately, it would all melt.

Details are one of my favorite things to photograph as a part of your wedding day. They always vary so much from person to person. Having an invitation is an easy way to make your details come together as a part of a “whole” – it gives it your very own identity to them. I always recommend shoes, invitations, jewelry, accessories, rings, vow books, perfumes/colognes, and any other “little detail” that makes your day more YOU.

and just like that it was time to head to the venue – but the party has to arrive in style, and very thankful for David of The Good Life to have their very own Trolley Bus!

The best thing about living near the venue, is the easy accessibility both parties can use the trolley without the couple seeing each other! Although it was rather scary for the cutest good boy to actually get on! He did eventually – after some coaxing – and the trolley was on its way to the venue with Tristan and his party before it comes back for Jennifer and hers.

(Below) Photo of Good Boy Arlo:

Emmerich Tree Farm is an amazing venue for those looking for a woodsy, rustic, almost faerie-like location. Also, Emily – the event coordinator of Emmerich Tree Farm – was a pleasure to work with and great at her job (two for one, win!).

Jennifer and Tristan really took advantage of DIY options for their wedding and they came out adorable! As you can see, the ceremony arch overlooks the entire tree farm which is such a vibe! Name placements were stamped with florals, little floral and gold centerpieces, and even a station to make your own floral bags. All the vendors that they used for this day were local, small businesses. (Mentioned above: Flowers by Emmerich Greenhouses in Warwick, NY | Wildflower Seeds by Hudson Valley Bee Supply in Kingston, NY | Milk & Honey Mobile Bar).

While Jennifer’s mom helped her put on her dress and do any last minute fixes – I took Tristan to a secluded spot to prepare for their first look!

One of the best things about Emmerich Tree Farm is the variety of spots that are so photo-worthy. Hidden down a trail, there is a small opening with a lake. This spot was able to be just their’s for the day – where no one else intruded and they can see each other for the first time.

This is where the real excitement happens – I chat with Tristan as she approaches and make sure he is ready to see his beautiful bride – he told me he was super excited and ready to go.

It went a little like this:

He was BEAMING. And so was she.

We took a few moments to let them embrace and check each other out and then decided to grab a few portraits.

Also – there is this super cool wooden building on the base of the trail where we decided to snap a few photos. The intimacy of these type of moments allow you and your partner to breathe before the ceremony – just to collect your feelings and express your excitement to each other.

Then, the amazing event manager of Emmerich Tree Farm, Emily, picked us up to hide away before the ceremony – we rode in style. We hid at the Bridal Tent which is up the hill in a secluded spot. It has a small little vanity in it, a table, some sitting arrangements. Jennifer + Tristan took a moment here before they say, “I do”.

Golf Cart Wedding Couple

Like I am a sucker for people looking in opposite directions – like such a vibe.

Emmerich Tree Farm Bridal Tent
Jennifer + Tristan at Emmerich Tree Farm Bridal Tent

Now, let’s get to the action.

While Uncle Eddy got his last minute photographs with his camera, I lined up ready to get mine. The violins began to play and Tristan’s father (who was officiating) and then Tristan walked down the aisle. You could feel and see the determination flying off of Tristan as he walked down – he was ready to make Jennifer his wife. Everyone stood as Jennifer, escorted by her father, walked down the aisle. She looked like the ideal boho bride – lace, curls, looking GORGEOUS.

Ceremonies tend to go so fast when they are not in a very traditional setting. But I was hanging on every word that was being spoken. Listening to their vows – about how much love and care they have for each other, about how their journey of TEN YEARS brought them to this very moment, about how bright and exciting their future looks – had me holding back my very own emotions, thinking about my own love story. The fact that they took their time building their relationship to be sustainable and functional for over a decade, is awe-inspiring. All while these warm, sweet moments, their furbaby, Arlo, was totally uninterested and took a snooze (as pictured below!).

I have every couple write out family groupings for their family photos – this makes sure we can knock them out of the park right after the ceremony. I literally bring the list with me and we go right down it. Since there was no time before the ceremony to do bridal party photos, we got right to them after the family ones! The Good Life – Trolley Bus had no issue holding the trolley so we could get some fun trolley pictures.

first dance boho bride

Divin’ right into the reception, we had the usual entrances, first dance, and speeches. They did break up the parent dances to later in the evening (this is a good idea for those who want to break up all the formalities).

As Jennifer + Tristan slow danced to their first song, they held onto each other as if gravity disappeared and they were no longer grounded. That must be some sort of symbolism for marriage. Watching them made my heart sing.

black and white first dance boho wedding
first dance

Now – for what I am known for. Glowy, warm, romantic portraits. This is the most fun of the day not only because its my expertise, but because the newly weds get to take a moment and breathe a little bit. We walked around the grounds and explored as the trees whispered to us in the wind. They even started the campfire for us so we could make s’mores (local vendor plug: Gourmet Marshmallows by Hudson Valley Marshmallow Co). We took about thirty minutes taking some GORGEOUS portraits that will be a beautiful family heirloom. When dusk hit, we even got some lit up lights in some!

Emmerich tree farm rustic venue
Emmerich Tree Farm

Then it was time to BREAK IT DOOOOOOOOWN on the dance floor. People were going OFF. Booties poppin’ and hips swingin’. DJ Joey B literally lit up the party (and supplied the Photo Booth). Also, shout out to Tristan’s mom, because she had the best moves of the night.

As the night came to the end, it was time for the sweetest exit: pie + ice cream + coffee!

The pies looked AMAZING and were local, as well, from Nobile Pies, accompanied with ice cream from Bellvale Farms Creamery and coffee from Milk + Honey. They also tasted better than they looked since multiple people signed up for seconds + the coffee was a great hit (and fueled my three hour ride home!)

Jennifer + Tristan have this amazing love connection that isn’t hard to miss. It was an absolute joy capturing their day and I am so honored they chose me. Their family and friends were absolutely incredible and brought all the energy!

Congrats to the newly weds!

milk and honey mobile taps wedding
Jennifer Grabbing Coffee


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    What a beautiful, detail oriented wedding! You did such a wonderful job capturing their love for each other and the day!


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