Couples Session at Sherwood Park (Connecticut), Maryanne + Joseph

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What’s better than seeing your best friend thrive in a healthy relationship for the first time in her life? Being able to photography your best friend and her partner, in this such relationship. To be honest, I’m on my third glass of wine and I am very much in my feelings. Maryanne has been such an absolute blessing in my life – she taught me how to interact with couples and be authentically yourself. Not only this, but she gets you in touch with your inner BAD B*TCH, where you are in charge of your life and deserve the world. I’ve never known true confidence until I met this beauty I can call my best friend.

They met on Tinder and immeditely after seeing Maryanne, Joey thought “damn, I need her in my life she’s adorable” and proceeded to watch every single TikTok Maryanne had made – the funny thing is, Joey was so shy, she thought he wanted nothing to do with her!

Their first date was on Valentine’s Day and he went all out: the whole 9 yards balloons, candles, rose petals in a hotel room with separate beds to be respectful.

Their favorite thing to do together is to go to their favorite restaurant (Arooga’s) and icecream after.

Maryanne’s favorite thing about Joey is his heart; she believes he is “the kindest, most genuine and gentle human and my all around safe space” while Joey’s favorite thing is how attentive and thoughtful she is – “she pays attention to the little things and every day is my new favorite day with her”.

When it comes to conclusions, Joey entered Maryanne’s life at the perfect time to create stability and a loving support system.


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