It Started with a Swipe Right | Danja + Serena Micro Wedding

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The Beginning

Danja and Serena met when Serena first swiped right on her! From the moment they matched, they talked NON STOP and eventually met a week after. Their first date consisted of wine flights from the local winery and cheese platters, surrounded by live music and a fireplace. At some point, they had their first kiss and it felt like “we both found home; like we had done it a million times and the universe had finally done something right”.

Danja knew she fell in love with Serena when she moved into Serena’s – they were both at a crossroads, move in or separate. Danja knew seperating was not an option. That type of sacrifice, she knew she was in love with her. Serena knew the moment she woke up and realized Danja is the only person she wanted to hear from.

While they have has plenty of dates together, Danja’s fondest was when they went to Epcot together. Walking around the “world” with food and drinks, having the best times of their lives, ending it with a snuggle under the fireworks. Serena, on the other hand, believes that when they went skydiving together was their best date. Once they were both on the ground, the overwhelming excitement boomed – even more so that they did it together.

Wedding Day

While Danja got ready, Serena and her crew set up the entire ceremony. This included building an entire arch to struggling to figure out which way the seat covers went on the chais. Each chair, partnering with a warm blanket for people to get all cozy with during their ceremony. I was able to decorate + drape the arch with a couple of their friends – overall, I think we did pretty well.

Once set up, the two flower girls tossed flowers down the aisle and Serena was escorted by her mother to the alter. Watching Serena in these moments filled me up with absolute joy- it was like watching someone panic, but in a good way. Like being overwhelmed with excitement and nerves. Tina, the officiant, had her turn her back from Danja walking for as long as possible. Danja, walking with her parents, looked amazing. Her smile lit up, walking towards Serena. Once Serena sees Danja for the first time, everything blossomed.

I mean, c’mon, look at Serena’s reaction:

I just want to shoutout to Tina because she is hilarious and a great friend to both of these women. She kept the authenticity in the ceremony and cheered them on throughout the day (as well as being my assistant for veil tosses).

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Danja’s sister read a poem about love and loyalty. Headnods follow in agreement.

Danja said her vows first, opening up her heart and speaking about their love and ending in “Go Phillies”. I do want to note, whenever someone talks about Serena, they mention what a beautiful light she is in everyone’s lives. Danja phrased it like that, as well. Serena spoke her vows graciously, which is impressive since she was not reading them off of something.

And then they exchanged rings and became wives. Bubbles surrounding the couple, as everyone cheers!

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Their Future

Each day they look forward to waking up to one another and experiencing all that life offers them. Danja + Serena enjoys the “every day” things by spending time with each other.

Danja’s long term goals consist of being successful and having financial freedom, traveling the world with her wife and (future) children. Serena wants to be the best wife and mother, which includes being active and present. Being present means for every important event in Danja’s life, as well as their future children. As a couple, they want to continue to love and respect each other, have + raise children. They want all of this while having the most healthy and loving home for their family. They are both so excited to bring babies into their marriage and see them flourish between both their compatible parenting styles. After witnessing the amount of love and care within their ceremony and between their families, I can only imagine how blessed their children are going to be to have them both as parents.

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