Engagement Session at the Sussex Conservatory, Natal + Mangie

Aug 7, 2022 | All Posts | 0 comments

This love story started almost thirteen years ago, through my most favorite social media platform in my life, Myspace.

As soon as Natal saw Mangie she started crushing and reached out immediately. From talking for a few months, they moved into having movie dates every weekend. While Natal was super shy, Mangie was super outgoing and even broke it down on the Dance Dance Revolution arcade game. Natal immediately felt butterflies every time she saw her- she was incredibly drawn to her energy. Nine years later, she surprised her to her first ever trip to Puerto Rico. While she was overwhelmed with emotions being able to see family friends, Mangie brought it home to the park by proposing while they were in Puerto Rico! Natal realized how nervous she was that night, but did not even expect the proposal!

Going on thirteen years, parenting three fur babies, still continuing movie dates (they prefer the spooky, haunted, scary ones!) and they are madly in love more than ever. They both acknowledge how they are growing individually and together in multiple of ways. “She’s my safe space, soulmate, and so so so much more. Counting down the days till we’re officially Mrs. & Mrs. Guerrero.” and there’s nothing I love more than hearing just that!

Natal + Mangie, I am so excited for your wedding this upcoming season, it is going to be absolutely magical – I will update this post with a link to the wedding gallery once complete.


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