Afternoon Fall Engagement Date, Cattus Island Park + Ice Skating | Emma + Nick

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couple engagement photos on boardwalk on cattus island state park NJ
this boardwalk literally leads us to a parking lot.

Emma + Nick

This engagement session takes places at Cattus Island State Park in Tom’s River, New Jersey. Then continues at Winding River Ice Rink in the same town.

Their love story

In 2014, Emma first saw Nick when he was playing ice hockey for the school team and she knew she wanted him to notice her – so she does what anyone else would do and volunteered to sing the national anthem at the games). Their first date, Nick picked Emma up and drove around aimlessly. They ended up at the “Bridge to Nowhere” and looked at the constellations.

When it came to their first kiss, Emma spent the ENTIRE date wondering when it was going to happen – and when it did, she was filled with both relief and excitement to see where their relationship goes.

Neither of them knows exactly when they fell in love with the other, but rather a combination of a lot of little moments, making each of them the other’s “person”. Emma loves Nick’s sense of humor and his easy ability to make her laugh, no matter how hard her day is. Nick loves that Emma can brighten anyone’s day with her smile and energy, especially his day.

Their future consists of careers they love and children that can look up to both of them. They want to be the example of true love that lasts and supports a wholesome, stable family.

When it came to their engagement session, we wanted to get a little personal.

Cattus Island State Park

We decided Cattus Island State Park (which is a super cool location with a boardwalk that leads to nowhere – despite that being the most Anti-New Jersey thing I’ve ever witnessed, trails and a small beach). We trusted Emma’s intuition on bringing us to the correct locations. To be fair, she eventually did get us exactly where we needed to go – and had a fun time stopping to get cute and snuggly.

Couples ice skating Engagement session at Winding River Ice Rink Toms River New Jersey
Nick ties Emma’s Skates as the perfect gentleman

Winding River Ice Rink

After we headed to Winding River Ice Rink. As an ex-hockey player, Nick definitely holds the title in being the fastest person to change into a jersey and ice skates.

Emma is not a strong skater, but there was no doubt in my mind that Nick would not let her fall. Although, if she did, she told me her mother imprinted to always throw your hands up if you fall so you do not get your fingers cut off – so there’s that.

He was quick to put Emma at ease by taking her hands and guiding her onto and around the ice. They definitely were much more proficient at twirling on the ice, versus on the trails.

After free-skating for a bit, they threw on nick’s old jerseys and got back onto the ice. That is definitely the teamwork symbolization here for marriage yada yada. I told them to ignore me and just be in the moment – this is where I capture those authentic, in between moments.

They HAVE TO come back during free skate and have a full date here, where Nick can teach Emma to skate confidently. I am totally going to hold them to that where they must complete it before their wedding day!

Future Plans

As wedding planning continues, Nick looks forward to every day, especially the part where he wakes up to his future wife, Emma. Emma is most excited about coming home to Nick and their furbabies after a long shift, where dinner and many smooches is waiting, ready for her.

Every day, they try to do “rose, thorn, bud” which is a way to explore each other’s day (something good, something bad, and something they’re looking forward to the next day). This is going to create an easy communication strategy that is going to make sure their marriage continues to blossom.

Today, I am looking forward to their upcoming wedding and being able to capture their day for them to look back on for the rest of their lives.


  1. Carly Adalyn

    What a fun engagement session ! Awesome job capturing these. Cattus island state park looks beautiful !

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    These are so fun! I love the idea of ice skating at your engagement session!

  3. Julia Lillian

    This looks like such a fun day! Nice captures.

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    such an amazing engagenemt session! Love the outdoor location! So beautiful

  5. Sydney

    Her dress is super cute!! I love how candid and fun all these photos are!

  6. Kate H

    absolutely beautiful, what a great love story! I really love the images of them in the water at the beginning – the light is exquisite!


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