Let Your Love Shine, Apple Pie Moonshine | Jade + Nick

bride and groom kiss on wedding day

The Beginning

Fate works in mysterious ways. It just so happened that Jade went over to her neighbor's house when Nick was visiting. Turns out, Jade's neighbor is Nick's cousin. At the time, Jade was living with her parents while Nick had his own home where he enjoyed Lord of the Rings in solitude - this was all about to change! Nick took Jade on their first date to Texas Roadhouse since both of them love BBQ. Over crispy Diet Pepsis, their relationship blossomed. Going on many dates, one of the favorites being going to Hibachi then enjoying a bucket of popcorn and pretzel bites.

At some point, they both fell in love with the other. Jade's moment was when Nick would come over to her parents' house for dinner, every day straight from work. Jade's parents definitely loves how charismatic Nick is, as well as how often he helps with odd side jobs around the house. Nick had his realization moment when they both started remodeling all the rooms in his house. Between the chemistry and teamwork skills, he immediately wanted this to last forever.

And now, they can start forever.

bride and groom wedding portrait

Wedding Day

Getting Ready


From the moment he was getting ready, Nick was HYPED. Whereas the room was super small for the group of guys, they enjoyed their drinks, fun patterned socks, and preparing Nick to see Jade. Every single day, he looks forward to coming home from a hard day's work and Jade greeting him at the door. Spending quality time together, such as cooking dinner, is always a favorite of his. From the moment they had their first kiss, Nick knew that something he has been missing became right.

As time was counting down, the excitement only builds.

Suit from Chazzmatazz Formal Wear

groom wedding day flatlay detail shot

Nick and company arrive to the venue early, where him and his best man share brews.

Of course, we had to get all the guys looking sharp!

After some fun group photos, it was time to set Nick up for Jade's arrival!


Jade blew me away as soon as I arrived - she looked absolutely incredible. As she was getting her finishing touches, we were able to get her and Nick's details done (love when I can do both of them). Little Stella was also looking her best in her white flower girl dress! Everyone jumps on the bed (without injury) and we grab some cute shots in their getting ready robes!

Wedding mornings definitely have some time matrix attached to them because time flies so quick. It was already time to get into her wedding dress. With a classic, romantic look, Jade was about to transform into a bride! Her mother buttoned her up, she put her earrings in, and her maid of honor tied her shoes. It was now time to leave the hotel and get to her first look with both Nick and her dad!

Dress from The Curvy Bride.

bride wedding day flatlay detail shot

First Looks


They picked Spring Valley Meadows as their venue because they were able to envision all the possibilities. They fell in love immediately and knew it was the perfect place for both first looks and the rest of their wedding day celebrations.

Nick does not often lose his words, but the moment he saw Jade as his now-future wife, he fell silent. Once he regains his voice, he tells her how beautiful she looks. I mean, c'mon. look how good these two clean up.


First looks with dads always get to me (same with daughter/father dances) since my father wasn't well enough to come to my wedding. Regardless, Jade's dad had the BEST reaction. He was in absolute awe over his little girl getting ready to walk down the aisle. While he does not have to drive her to soccer games every weekend anymore, he will still be able to watch her start the next stage of her life.


Jade's personality is unmatched - she's fiery and funny and Nick is an absolute compliment to her in every way. She is the absolute life of the party. That being said, both her and Nick chose the most important people in their life to witness and support them on their big day.

The great thing about this venue is that it has the coolest barn that you can decorate any way that suits you. It's also always nice when I see the engagement session we did together as some sort of decoration throughout the wedding space (go, me!).

Jade + Nick took a moment to enjoy each other's company before they walk down the aisle and become Mr. and Mrs. Cerra.

This is when your entire relationship flashes before your eyes.You look back at favorite memories you both have shared. For J+N, it was a road trip to Vermont and how they made a pit stop in Massachusettes. Or Nick drinking Mai Tai's while Jade enjoys Bushwacker's during their cruise to the Carribean. This is just another adventure they are on together and will continue to explore the world as one.

black and white wedding couple bride and groom wedding reception details spring valley meadows new jersey wedding venue

Then, it was time to walk.



Mr. and Mrs.

as the music plays, everyone falls silent. Then Nick sees Jade as she walks towards him and his reaction goes a little bit like this:

This is where all his emotions came from the pit of his heart and out on the surface. Jade's dad proudly walks her down the aisle, shakes Nick's hand and goes to sit.

The ceremony was beautiful and my favorite part was their vows they wrote for each other. Witnessing them pronounce their love for each other made it obvious, they were put together by the universe because they are meant for each other.

bride and groom first kiss wedding reception details spring valley meadows new jersey wedding venue


During cocktail hour and forty five minutes before sunset, I stole the both of them for their portraits.
Let me be honest, these are some of my absolute all time favorite wedding portraits.

drone photo of bride and groom wedding reception details spring valley meadows new jersey wedding venue




As everyone came to the reception, it was time for the newly appointed Mr. and Mrs. Cerra to have their first dance. They danced to "Live Forever" by Kane Brown. After, Jade and her dad danced to "Forever Now" by Michael Buble. Nick and his mom danced to "That's What Mamas Do" by Jason Matthews.

Speeches went on and everyone cheered the couple; then it was time to PARTY.


This reception was WILD. Everyone was on the dance floor - with and without drinks in hands - and was getting funky. Even baby Stella was running around to the music.

Instead of a traditional cake, they had the most delicious gourmet donuts by Cupcake Magician.

and after a sweet exchange of cupcake, they shared a kiss and danced the rest of the night away.


Every day, Jade looks forward to Nick coming home and getting a big smooch. She loves doing the little things together such as running errands and starting new house projects. Nick dreams of a weekend getaway in a cabin located on a mountain. Jade wants to see Tennessee. Both love to travel and want to explore the world.

As for long term, Jade wants a successful marriage and always encouraging to do better for themselves, whether its getting a new job or some type of thing to help support their family. Nick dreams of a house on a lot of land, "raising some babies and being dedicated to my family".

I believe with my whole chest that these two will accomplish all of the above and then some. It was an absolute joy getting to know the both of them and being able to capture their day. 15/10. totally recommend Mr. + Mrs. Cerra.

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Tattoos + Glitter: A Love Story | Emily + Greg

bride and groom embrace on wedding day 2022 farmstead golf and country club

The Beginnings

Emily first met Greg when they were in high school. It's 2008 and they were introduced from a mutual friend. When Greg graduated, he signed Emily's yearbook and left his number in it. Over the summer, they dated a few months but ended up breaking up for a few years due to kids being kids. However, their first official date was to see Despicable Me. Fast forward five years, they reconnected and fell madly in love. After seven years together, they are ready to pronounce their love for each other.

Their favorite memory of each other would be meeting in high school. She thought Greg was the weirdest and most interesting person she knew - with his skateboard clipped to his backpack. They both look back fondly on their earlier, high school days.

For as long as they've known each other the have had a ton of dates. While that's true, their favorite was the day they went to Asbury Park in the off-season. They walked, hand-in-hand, on the beach and explored all the breweries in the area.

Wedding Day

Getting Ready


My associate helped get Greg ready to see his future wife for the first time. They talked tattoos, music + good food whilebuttoned his shirt and tied his tie. Their wedding day has been a long time coming - throughout everything that happened in their lives, they were brought back together. Greg loves that Emily loves him for who he is, regardless of his self-claimed "downfalls". He loves that she is always ready to adventure with him (no matter what he plans!). A big bonus is that she loves cats, just as much as he does! "She is thew most kind person I know and she shows kindness to people who may not deserve it, but she still gives it".

His bridal party were so excited for him! They got together, took pictures, and hyped him up.

Greg and his men finished early and arrived to the venue. I do want to know it was a bit of a hassle to keep Greg away from Emily before their first look. He was just so excited to see his wife!


As I arrived to the venue (Farmstead Golf + Country Club), I was greeted by the loveliest group of ladies. Emily is one of the kindest people I know (not just using Greg's words!). She always made me feel welcome and appreciated as her photographer, which is a blessing all in its own. As the girls offered assistance and help in any way that I needed, I was able to get some beautiful flatlays done before we took some getting ready photos.

I send an annoying amount of emails to every couple, ensuring they have enough guidance to have a "Stress-Free" day. That being said, about four of those emails are depicting what items are needed for details\flatlays and I am so grateful Emily had them organized and ready to go!

We went outside for some group photos, since inside was a tad dark and "busy" and I tried to remove a wreath that does not come off. After a bit of a struggle, I gave up and we just got all cute and took the group shots, as well as Emily with each bridesmaid. Like, how cute are they??

brides bridal party bridesmaids group getting ready photos in robes

We went inside since we had some time, and I explained how to wax a butthole to her mom. Everyone got really intrigued and I explained the process for a male Brazilian wax. PSA: If you did not know, I worked as a wax specialist for European Wax Center for eight years - this is my past forever haunting me.

Greg arrived while Emily was getting ready in the suite and he had to force him to leave (not really, but he was so ready to see her).

Emily's mom helped her into her dress and soaked into the moment where she used to help dress her as a child. Her mom was so proud and excited for Emily, and made sure she looked perfect!

We invited Emily's two longest term friends in to see her, and their reactions did not disappoint. They helped spread her dress and gave her a big hug as it was time to reveal the beautiful bride to her crew.

My associate and me set up so we could get both their reactions and it was truly a lovely experience. The girls were now HYPED and told Emily how gorgeous she looked (which she did).

Dad's Finest Kilt

Emily's dad dressed in his finest kilt. We took them to the big tree and made sure neither saw the other. We faced them back to back and had them turn around on the count of three! Her dad had the sweetest reaction:

First Look

We had to get Greg to focus on not turning around until the perfect moment, so we chatted and calmed his nerves. Emily pulled up on their golf cart and we got everyone in position.

This moment for couples is always antagonizing - they are so excited to see each other for the first time and I make them hold their breath. Emily fell in love with Greg when he reappeared into her life. She knew of his feelings for her, but offered being a friend first. He always listened to her, took note of things she said, and surprised her with flowers constantly. He would pick her up in his car, blasting music and enjoying long car rides together. What she loves most, is how persistent and genuine he is. Even though she wasn't looking for a relationship, he offered friendship and being there for her, no matter what. Greg knew he loved her once they reconnected and it felt like nothing changed.

And then they turn around and see each other for the first time. BAM! Fireworks.

They embrace, smooch a bit, and check each other out!

To be fair, they clean up HELLA GOOD.



The bridal party arrives and it's time to get some group photos done! They had the best bridal party- ready for any of my crazy prompts!

Emily + Greg

We share moments before the ceremony, getting portraits done. It's overcast so no golden hour available. To be fair, I was manifesting all week for the rain to hold out until at least after the ceremony and family portraits (which it did).

Their connection is a fire burning brightly. The spark that these two hold is incredible. Throughout the whole session, they were laughing and smooching all the way through!


This is one of my most favorite venues - they have the most gorgeous set up, plus the food is always great and the staff are super accommodating.

farmstead golf and country club wedding ceremony venue

As Emily's dad escorts her down the aisle, Greg shed a tear and stares at her. It was a surreal moment for him and he was so excited to make her Mrs. Pellegrini.

The ceremony was beautiful. They exchanged their vows and professed their love in front of all their closest friends and family.

Then they made it official with a kiss!

farmstead golf and country club bride and groom first kiss

The first kiss as an officially married couple is a lot similar to your first kiss when you begin dating. Emily was a little drunk (she was nervous so she gained some liquid courage) and went for it! They were both twenty-three, which feels like ions ago. Greg looks back on this moment fondly due to them spending that entire day together! He brought her to his favorite bar and spent the night chatting about all the traveling they both have done. When Emily kissed him, he was shocked that she made the first move that night in his Jeep. And now, they're husband and wife.

farmstead golf and country club bride and groom kiss guests cheer

Luckily, the rain held out and we were able to accomplish all family photos right after the ceremony. Both their families, cheer and congratulate the newlyweds.



Farmstead Golf + Country Club always do an amazing job decorating and setting up for both the ceremony and the reception.

Emily added a little extra sweetness by having her students write what love is and decorating a table with their words. Like how cute is this?


The entrances had everyone HYPED. The Bridal party came out moving and grooving. The crowd EXPLODED with cheer when the newlywed Mr. + Mrs. Pellegrini walked out.


As Emily + Greg's first dance was initiated, it seems as if they were the only ones in the entire room. Their song is Ho Hey by Burns and Biz Coletti. Greg looks at Emily as if she puts the starts in the sky. And to him, she does.

Emily dances with her dad and Greg dances with his mom, both parents elated for this moment, laughing all the way through.

Father/Daughter Dance: My Little Girl by Tim McGraw

Mother/Son Dance: My Wish by Rascal Flats

Sugar, We're Going Down Swinging

The dance party begins and everyone gets wild! Emily's grandma dances THE ENTIRE NIGHT. And boy, does she got the MOVES. At some point, funky light up bunny and cat ears come out and everyone belts to their favorite songs. The energy is HIGH and everyone (including me) has a great time!

A Sweet, Sweet Ending

As the night dwindles to an end, it's time for cutting the cake! The cake, equally beautiful as is delicious, made by Cafe Pierot, as well as all the other delectable desserts.

As people continued to get wild + crazy, I said my goodbyes and headed home. It was an amazing day, from start to finish.

Future Thoughts

It is obvious that Emily + Greg are going to last forever. They have a lot of future plans, such as going to Scotland - a dream they both share. There is also a ton of home projects they envision - such as building a second story and making their home "more us". Being both adventurous, they're excited to travel more and explore places they haven't yet been. All throughout this, staying happy and in love in on the forefront. They look forward each day to seeing each other, watching TV and eating dinner. Greg works long hours, but as soon as he gets home, the long day apart is worth it.

One of my absolute favorite couples 15/10 Totally recommend.


Venue: Farmstead Golf + Country Club

Hair: Nikki + Josh from 2W Hair Bar

Makeup: Stephanie from 2W Hair Bar

Florist: The Potted Geranium

Invitations/Stationary: Truly Engaging by MagnetStreet

DJ: Mobile Sight + Sound DJ

Dress Shop: Say I Do Bridal

Brand of Wedding Dress: Stella York

Bride's Jewelry: Copper Lane Gift Co

Bride's Shoes: Kailee P

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Groom + Groomsmen Suits: Tuxedo by Sarno Denville

Desserts: Cafe Pierot

Heavy Metal Pairs With Heavy Lifting | Stephanie + Kevin

The Beginning

Stephanie and Kevin met when it seemed timing was just right. Stephanie and Kevin met when they both were attending Ramapo College in 2014. They had one class together and were both crushin' on each other HEAVY, but did not talk to each other until the following semester. The following semester, Stephanie was hanging out with a mutual friend and Kevin saw the snapchat of her. Immediately, he messaged the mutual friend and said, "that's the cute girl from my marketing class!" Her friend showed her the text, Steph got so excited, looked up his Facebook to confirm he was the cute guy in her class! Stephanie made the first move, messaging Kevin first.

Stephanie says that it felt like she knew him forever and conversation came easy since he was and still is the sweetest person ever! Their first date was a group date to Dave + Buster's. Before the group outing, they grabbed sushi and wished it could have stayed just the two of them! After having so much fun that night, they decided to go on another date with just the two of them.

"I'll never forget it"; Kevin brought her to a nice Italian restaurant and treated them to a bottle of wine. Afterwards, they ventured to a park where they belted Katy Perry songs! Throughout this time, both Stephanie and Kevin were messaging their mutual friend about how bad they wanted to kiss the other, but were so nervous! They walked through the park and cuddled on a bench, "I instantly felt safe in his arms". Stephanie looked up at Kevin and he pulled her in for. akiss - she remembers it as if she were in a movie!

They ended the date by going to his dorm where he played guitar and they both sang, "You're My Favorite Song" by Demi Lovato + Joe Jonas. In that moment, Stephanie knew how special Kevin was and fell almost instantly.

When they were both in Aruba, vacationing with his family in 2019, Kevin decided he wanted to ask Stephanie to marry him. It did however, take a few more months, until they were on their trip to Montauk, NY. This became her favorite memory of their relationship. He pretended they were going for his birthday when in actuality, he planned the whole trip to propose to Stephanie.

Wedding Day

Getting Ready

I started the wedding day at Kevin's where all the guys were getting ready. Everyone was already dressed and ready to rock 'n' roll. There were also two beautiful fuzzy golden babies that I had the pleasure of giving head pats to. I asked Kevin how he was doing and he said he was "definitely excited". Cheers to that, I had his groomsmen lift and toss him to pre-game celebrate!

Kevin's nerves were not visible at all, he was 100% confident in his decision to marrying Stephanie. He views her as a ray of sunshine in his life; he also says that she puts others before herself, selflessly, and will do anything for him, her family, and their friends.

Then we did a few walking ones and I walked to my car to head to Stephanie and the girls.

Stephanie greeted me with a big hug and looked absolutely beautiful. All the girls did! I played with her details (I also send a million emails about what details to pack for pretty flatlays) and we started to get ready.

The hardest part about most getting ready moments is trying to fasten the clasps for jewelry. Although I do love getting close ups of it. Stephanie's Maid of Honor was a pro and got the bracelet fastened comfortably almost immediately.

As always, her mother helped her into her dress so that she looked like a perfect bride. Reminding her back to when she used to dress her as a little girl - it's a beautiful, bittersweet moment.