Literally, the nicest backyard wedding I’ve ever been to | Sara + Mikey

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Sara + Mikey got married on September 17, 2022 in the comfort of Sara’s mother’s home. They created an elegant, floral, romantic backyard wedding that they will never forget.

Sara + Mikey

Their love story

Sara and Mikey are big gamers! In the gaming community, a lot of people use the app Palringo to talk with each other. Sara’s sister told Sara, “if all you do is game, you’re never going to get married!”. This is hilarious because eventually, Sara and Mikey crossed paths, then became good friends.

As time goes on, their friendship begins to blossom and feelings start to develop. At some point, they mutually agree that they should finally meet in person! However, Sara is very shy and continued to push it off.

That was until Mikey was on a ski trip with some friends and offered to stop by on his way home. Sara finally got the courage to make it happen and their first date was that night, where they watched A Star Is Born.

Then the relationship develops

It took a year of online talking for them to finally meet. But this is the moment that confirmed that they loved each other. They both felt that this is the first time they could be truly 100% authentically themselves to someone else. Mikey is where Sara feels most at home which she jokes, “I do not get home sick, I get Mikey-sick”.

When asked about their favorite date, they have two. There is this bird sanctuary on Long Island (where Mikey is from!) which had them feeding birds right out of their hands! After feeding the birds, they walked along the beach.

They also love a little adventure in their life, leading to their second favorite date: Codzilla in Boston. They recall it as a “wild, wet ride”, true to Boston’s vibes.

Sara + Mikey agree that their favorite thing about each other is that they are super comfortable with another and can be super weird together.

The Wedding Day

wedding ceremony set up salem Massachusetts



I just want to point out that I admire Sara + Mikey so much in this planning process. They picked vendors strictly based on portfolio from all over the United States. For example, I am from Philadelphia and the videographer is from New Orleans while the wedding was in Salem, Massachusetts. I also want to shout out to Instagram for getting us connected (as well as them with their other vendors). Her wedding planner, Ashley Harding of TMW Productions LL, helped organize, set up, and arrange everything in between.


Getting Ready

As I arrived to the cutest house, I couldn’t resist checking out the waterfront view we were going to have for the ceremony – absolutely gorgeous!

While Mikey was spending the morning hanging out at a second location, Sara was getting ready at the house! Sara was getting her hair and makeup done by Gabrielle Pasqualena (hair) and Yari Dejesus from Suite Bella LLC (makeup). Sara’s wedding day look is a total transformation from her day to day look where she becomes glammed up! When I first saw her, words could not even begin to describe how incredible she looked.

I always send a thousand emails out to my couples about details I need for their flatlays/detail shots multiple times throughout the month leading up (and literally a week, then two days before). Sara had all her items in a box waiting for me and I started making a super fun flatlay that has personality.

Just a PSA- Sara + Mikey’s favorite movie is Star Wars (another reason why they will be my life long friends because I literally am obsessed and have a Star Wars/X Files crossover tattoo). To incorporate this into their flatlay, they gave me Lego Star Wars Princess Leia + Han Solo (representing the couple), Darth Vader, R2-D2, and a bunch of Stormtroopers. This definitely added such a fun element. I was able to eventually get Mikey’s details when he arrived to get ready and make him his own flatlay!

Sara’s mom helped her get into her dress and she literally evolved into a princess (good thing her han solo also cleans up super nice!). Mikey’s best woman helped him straighten up his look, to ensure he looks the best he can for her!

First look

We set up Mikey on the side of the house, surrounded by waterfront and hydrangeas. There was a moment I could definitely hear his heart beating, nervous and excited to see his bride for the first time.

I gave her the thumbs up (she was watching from the upstairs window!) and Sara came down the stairs and walked two feet behind Mikey and waited for our next signal. I always like to have my couples take a moment and pause right before so their excitement explodes once they finally see each other!

When Mikey turned around, I’ve never seen a man smile so large before. He was taken aback about how beautiful Sara looked! They checked each other out (including a complete 360 twirl by Sara) and embraced about ten more times! I always allow for another moment or two after a first look for the couple to really soak it all in.

Mini Portrait Session

After the first look, I like to get some portraits if we are doing a different location at golden hour. We just stayed by the waterfront and had fun there!

bride and groom bridal portraits salem massachusetts backyard wedding


ceremony floral arch emilys flower kitchen salem massachusetts

The location of the ceremony was in the backyard with an amazing background of boats on the waterfront. Emily’s Flower Kitchen provided all the florals for the ceremony and bridal parties.

Sara’s uncle, Anthony Vontz, was officiating, and was super excited to be a part of their day. While everyone walked down the aisle, Mikey beamed as his bride walked outside and her mother’s eyes filled with tears of joy.

bride and groom salem massachusetts ceremony

They wrote their own vows and it was such a beautiful, intimate moment they shared. Sara, who is known for a hard exterior shell, softened at Mikey’s words.

When it was time to kiss the bride, Mikey did not hesitate! Everyone cheered and wished well to the newlyweds.

wedding bride and groom first kiss salem massachusetts


Bridal Party + Family Portraits

Immediately after ceremonies, I always dive into any leftover bridal party of family photos we were not able to complete after the first look. When doing a first look, it cuts this time into a fraction so couples can enjoy their cocktail hour.

bride and bridesmaids

Bridal Portraits

To be able to ensure the best romantic, glowy portraits, we scheduled them 45 minutes before sunset! This is called golden hour and it is essential to create my trade signature portraits!

We were able to go down the street to the park during this time to create some gorgeous photos as well as take a little breather from all the chaos a wedding entails!

bride and groom golden hour portraits salem massachusetts
bride and groom golden hour portraits salem massachusetts


This is literally where the party starts!

rolling rose mobile bar backyard wedding salem massachusetts

Rolling Rose Mobile Bar had the drinks flying out while looking super cute at the same time! Apps were going around, and then it was time for entrances.

Sara + Mikey did their first dance and really took a moment to embrace + enjoy their wedding day, one moment at a time. As I photographed their dance, it seems as if they were the only ones in the room, being focused on each other. “Lover (First Dance Remix)” – Taylor Swift played in the background as they


Cake Cutting
Bouquet Toss
And then, Goodnight!

For the last few minutes, we hopped into Rolling Rose and had a special moment of drinks and snuggling up before I said goodbye!

The rest of the night was filled with movin’ and groovin’, and their guests were ready to party!

Married + Thriving

Nowadays, their favorite part of the day is relaxing together after work at their favorite place – their apartment. Being homebodies, they enjoy spending time in their own place playing video games or board games and watching movies. They do plan on becoming more adventurous and trying new things both together and individually.

As their future unfolds they have dreams of buying a house and starting a family – but never changing how weird they are together!

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